New Book 'Oddbird' Celebrates Kindness & Inclusion

By Kara Murphy June 10, 2021

Oddbird, the beautiful new picture book by talented illustrator Derek Desierto, celebrates diversity, inclusion and self-acceptance — all values we're working hard to instill in our children.

This colorful book tells the story of a bird who doesn’t fit in…at first! Oddbird wants to take a refreshing dip on a hot day in the water. The other birds though are reluctant to get in, not wanting to ruin their fine feathers.

But Oddbird, who isn't fancy or colorful, just wants to cool off! 

This book teaches valuable life lessons about being kind and opens the door to discussions about how we should all celebrate our differences. 

Desierto told Amazon he had the idea for Oddbird while still in art school. Desierto is the illustrator behind the popular Juno Valentine series, but this is his debut book as both an author and illustrator.

"Growing up, I wasn’t the kind of boy that was into sports or cars. Instead, I loved to draw and dance! Very odd at the time. That sense of being different always stayed with me and when the idea of Oddbird came to me, I knew exactly how the story would go," he said. 

Author and illustrator Derek Desierto

The ultimate message he hopes readers — both young and older — take from his book?

"Celebrate yourself as you are. There is nothing you need to add on to yourself to be special or be of value. You are perfect as you are," he told Amazon. 

That's a message we can definitely get behind.

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