What To Do With All Those Christmas Cards

By Heather McKinsey December 11, 2014
If you are like our family, you get numerous Christmas cards in the mail. Many families are now sending picture cards. I love receiving them and seeing how big the kids have gotten and taking the time to think about that family.

Last year I was looking through the stack of pictures we had been mailed and it made me sad to throw them away. I stashed them on the counter for a few weeks while I thought of how best to display them. I wanted a way that I could keep the pictures where we could all see them, but that wouldn’t take up too much space or create extra clutter in our home.

Now, we have a great system to hang our Christmas cards on the fridge flip it to a new picture every day. This gives me and excuse to talk to my kids about the family, tell the, who everyone is and how we know them. It is a great way to honor the families we know and for my kids to get to know them.

Here’s how you can make your own Christmas card display to enjoy throughout the season and beyond: 

Punch a hole at the top of one picture/card, off-center to the left a bit. Then measure over about 2 inches and make another hole.

Use this picture as a guide and punch holes in the remaining cards.

Stack the pictures to line up the holes and use leftover Christmas ribbon to string thru the holes. I used individual ribbon for each hole so the picture was easy to flip over. 

Gather the ribbons up and use a sturdy magnet on the fridge to hang it.

This would also be a great way to display birthday cards or other holiday greetings!