Snowman Ornaments

By Tiffany Olmstead December 22, 2016
Our family enjoys making our own ornaments each year. This year, we used plastic ornaments and created snowmen. These would also make great gifts! And they can decorate your home all winter when you find creative places to hang them once your tree is gone.

Clear Plastic Ornament
Cotton Balls
Permanent Markers
Paint (acrylic or puffy works best)
Colored paper (optional)
Felt (optional)
Glue (optional)

Make It:
1. Remove the top from the ornament.

2. Stuff cotton balls into the ornament. Using an object such as a pencil may ease the process if your ornament has a smaller opening. 

3. Put the top back on the ornament.

4. Create a snowman face either by drawing it on with markers or paint, or by gluing on felt or colored paper.

5. Write the child's name and year with permanent marker (optional).