Mindfulness: 7 Ways It Can Positively Impact Your Child’s Life

By Stephanie Belsher October 3, 2019

In today’s fast paced world children are becoming stressed at an increasingly younger age. Whether it be stress from school, family problems, anxiety, social pressure, extracurricular activities or even just sleep issues. All of this stress can take a toll on their mental and physical health now and into adulthood. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could help our kids learn skills to manage their emotions and reactions to stressors through out their lives? This is where mindfulness comes in.

So, what exactly is mindfulness? Simply put, mindfulness is purposely paying attention to the present moment. It might sound easy enough, but it is a skill that many of us our lacking and we need to train our brains. This doesn’t mean we need to sit crossed legged and meditate for hours a day either. There are many practical exercises and methods to practice mindfulness that can have a huge impact on our lives. Here are just a few ways that practicing mindfulness can benefit children:

1) Behaviour. Mindfulness teaches kids how to regulate their big emotions and listen to others. This of course leads to far less disruptive behaviour and outbursts when those emotions come make an appearance.

2) Sleep. Mindfulness can have a huge impact on children’s sleep. Not only does it teach them how to prepare and relax their bodies and minds for sleep, but it can help to release any worries and stressors that would keep them from rest.

3) Calm. Practicing mindfulness will certainly bring a sense of calm to a child. Mindfulness that focuses on deep breathing slows down the body, reduces stress hormones and calms the mind.

4) Self Awareness & Regulation. Children are often ruled by their emotions. Mindfulness teaches them to be aware of the emotions they are feeling, but not let them get out of control and take over a situation.

5) School. Mindfulness can have a huge impact on children's learning. It helps them focus, pay attention and block out distractions so they are able to focus.

6) Strength & Resilience. Unfortunately, our children will have to face and overcome challenges now and in their future. Whether that be overcoming anxiety, handling a divorce, dealing with a death or bullying at school. Mindfulness helps to manage life's challenges and regulate the emotions that come with these challenges.

7) Good Mental Health. By learning these important skills young, the next generation could face less mental health issues and an increase in well-being.

Safety Tree Canada is thrilled to announce we will now be offering our new Mindful Kids and Mindful Teens courses! We will be focusing on simple, practical mindfulness techniques that children and teens can use at school, home and even at night to help them sleep. Our priority is to provide children with the necessary skills to help them manage anxiety and stress in their everyday lives, as well as during more challenging times (divorce, grieving, anxiety, bullying etc). Please click here for more information or to register. Space is extremely limited as our focus is to develop strong relationships with our students to ensure they are receiving the benefits of the training.

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