Ottawa Family Fun - Thanksgiving Edition

October 10, 2019

We're slowing down this weekend to enjoy some family time. We have family visiting over the weekend and we have holidays and birthdays (and turkey), so it's sure to be great.

Every day we are so busy - busy to get the kids to school. get out the door to go to work, run errands, plan ahead and rush. This weekend, I'm planning to enjoy the moments and enjoy the people closest to our family. We are so busy rushing around that sometimes we need to stop, take stock and be grateful.

On the subject of gratitude, I'm grateful to all of you who subscribe each week and who visit our website. We love Macaroni Kid and we hope you do to. Thanks for making us a small part of your day each week. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy your family!

Looking for ideas of things to do?

Happy Thanksgiving!