The Gift of Time

By Sara-Lynne Levine May 21, 2020

As you know, schools will remain closed and online learning will continue until the end of June. While this is no surprise to many, it is a realization that the end of "school" is still weeks away.

We have a pretty good schedule happening at home. Wake up is the same time every day, we have scheduled online learning at the same time every day, teacher check ins, white boards listing assignments and due dates, limited screen time and mandatory outside play time which brings routine to the day and allows everyone to know what's happening when.

The unexpected gift in all this uncertainty is the gift of time with our family that has become one of the true joys of being "self-isolating together".

Lunch time together allows everyone to touch base and share how their day is going. Dinner time has turned into cooking lessons with the boys, allowing them to learn things like knife skills, kitchen hacks, cooking tips, time management and meal preparation.Dinner conversation includes meaningful chats about our day, what everyone is learning/doing, chatting about the latest political announcement or international news and (wishfully) speculating about when sports will come back.

After dinner there is some sort of family activity. Recently, we have been playing board games in our backyard, embracing the Spring-like weather. Walks or bike rides around the neighbourhood or watching the kids play basketball is providing much needed physical activity. 

We are in a unique situation to have a (now seemingly) unlimited time with our teenage boys to hear what they have to say, listen to their opinions and engage in meaningful conversations. No one is rushing to soccer practice (or anywhere for that matter). Watching the kids sharing their thoughts seeing them debate an issue, formulate an opinion and argue a point, is something this time has given us. Family debates and discussions aren't cut short by phone calls, meetings, or dashing out the door. Time has meaning and how we are spending our time as a family is creating opportunities for memories.

My younger son recently told me "I love this Covid thing, because we are getting to spend lots of time together." In a weird way, he is absolutely correct. Covid, while scary, dangerous and devastating, has created new opportunities for quality family time. In an era with so much uncertainty, isn't it great that we have that wonderful positive aspect to be grateful for?

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