It's Father's Day Weekend - Time to Celebrate Dad

June 18, 2020

After my husband and I were married, we moved to another country and lived there for 10 years. We were basically on our own. We had family who visited occasionally,  but daily tasks and all child-care fell to the two of us. We leaned on each other and both of us did everything.

Since we spent so many years on our own, we developed a system for working together and looking after the kids. I am so lucky our boys have a father who embraces life, is kind to others, is honest, hard-working and loving. They see him do the dishes, the laundry and other "chores". We are partners. We are a team. They have an amazing role model and a Dad who puts his kids first. 

These past few months he has stepped up, yet again. Since I am immuno- compromised, he has been the one to shop for groceries, visit the pharmacy, run any errands and drive the boys anywhere they need to go. He has done this in and around his full time job which he is doing from home. He rarely complains.

This Father's Day, Dad probably needs/wants a break. A break from quarantine, from chores, from kids fighting, from a to-do list and from the everyday.

Take the day to make him feel special. Have the kids shower him with hugs, love and kindness. Give him the day off. Make his favourite foods. Pick up his favourite beer or dessert. Show him your love. It's the perfect time to recognize the dads out there who are amazing! We'll be doing that at our house.

Wishing all dads, step-dads, grandfather's and dads of the heart an amazing day.