Things Are Looking a Bit Different... and Here's Why

By Sara-Lynne Levine July 9, 2020

I love Macaroni Kid. I'm coming up on my ten-year anniversary and I love exploring Ottawa, visiting new places and sharing family fun experiences. But all that stopped in March and it hasn't restarted.  So, I'm trying to pivot.

It's been really hard to share where to Find Your Family Fun ® when most of the fun places are closed. So, what's a gal to do?

We have increased the amount of articles we share each week, with the focus on low-tech, easy to do family fun that is close to home. Many families have at least one parent who has lost their jobs so we are trying to come up with ideas that don't cost a lot. Staycations and being a tourist at home are in, supporting local businesses is cool, and sticking to 613 locales is the thing to do. 

We are bringing you resources and advice from Ottawa Public Health and others, based on science.  How to help your kids wear a mask. How to guide your teens with social distancing, how you can keep yourself safe, these are things all parents need to know.

Because of health reasons, I've been sticking close to home. So, there won't be many personal reviews of beaches, parks, playgrounds or patios, at least not right now. I miss exploring the city and meeting new people,  but hopefully that will re-start again soon.

Finally, a request and a wish. Please, be kind to others. Everyone is going through this time in different ways and not everyone is forthcoming with their situations and their struggles.  I read today that cashiers in stores were taking the brunt of the public's frustration with mandatory masks. Please don't yell at cashiers, don't yell at anyone. You do you. Be nice to people. Our kids are watching.

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