Drowning Prevention Tips from the City of Ottawa

Drowning Prevention Week is This Week

By City of Ottawa July 23, 2020

Drowning can happen fast – in less than 30 seconds. As life is busy, even more so these days as we juggle work and children etc, it is important to remind people to be watchful around water. To out the phone aside and be aware of what is happening.

 Info and tips from the Lifesaving Society of Ontario for families and children

Children under 12 have an increased drowning risk and need attentive supervision in and around the water. In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death for children under 10 years.

Water safety tips for children and families:

  • Stay within arms' reach of children under five
  • Stay On Guard! Supervision of children and non-swimmers is key
  • Always swim with a buddy
  • Alcohol and water don't mix. Don't drink and swim. Don't drink and      drive your boat
  • Always wear a lifejacket when you are in a boat
  • Take swimming lessons – (please note City of Ottawa Swim Lessons are running again so      parents can sign up now)
  • Swim in lifeguarded areas

When it comes to bodies of water – be aware that even if you have been in that water before, it may have changed. Be aware of currents, rocks etc.

Safety around water entry

The Lifesaving Society teaches strategies for safe water entries. This one is a great way to teach your children about water safety through enforcing these steps each time you are heading near water.

Remember this:

Stop! Look! Listen & Stop! Look! Go Slow! 

  • They STOP before entering the water. 
  • LOOK around to see if there are any hazards around the water and to make sure you, or another responsibility adult who they know, are right there within arm’s reach.
  • LISTEN for the adult to tell them they can enter the water.  Make sure that the adult always enters the water first, protecting the child from any water drop offs or deep-water levels. 
  • Next enter the water SLOWLY and safely.

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