Celebrating 10 Years of Ottawa Family Fun

By Sara-Lynne Levine, editor & publisher August 6, 2020

This week marks a big milestone - it's our 10 year anniversary. We have been publishing for ten years! It's something we are super proud of.

Ten years ago our family moved to Ottawa. I loved exploring new places and trying new things and Macaroni Kid was a great way to find our family fun AND share that experience with all of you.

Over the years we have had some incredible experiences. We seen amazing museum exhibits, shows and performances, met some fantastic people and athletes, and worked with talented local business people, who, like us, are dedicated to providing the best to Ottawa families.

We've evolved over the past decade and had to learn to "go with the flow". Sadly, our usually jam-packed event calendar is bare, but we've increased our articles to provide you with more tips, information and things to do. We love nothing more than getting messages and emails from parents grateful to Macaroni Kid for sharing, and we will continue to be there for parents as we move forward together. (I would never have expected to be "celebrating" this milestone during a pandemic, but hey, I'm rolling with it, just like everything else.    

A huge thank you to all the local businesses who took a chance on us and have supported  and worked with us. We love nothing more than letting parents know about you and how you enrich our city. Thank you to all those who have contributed content, articles, and photos. Thank you to the many businesses and organizations who participated in our giveaways (something we are hoping to bring back soon). Thank you to the many of you who emailed with tips, suggestions, comments and suggestions. We love all your feedback.

Finally, big thank you to my husband and kids. Macaroni Kid has been a big part of our family, with Macaroni Dad and Macaroni Junior Reporters making substantial contributions over the years. I have appreciated all the suggestions, ideas and time and have loved doing this with you.

Here's to you, to Ottawa, and to celebrating Family Fun in the Ottawa Capital Region.


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