13 Spooky Halloween Recipes including Mummy Quesadillas!

These special treats are sure to be more treat than trick

By Charlotte Linde October 8, 2020

Celebrate Halloween with one or two of our spooky recipes -- you will surely get a few giggles, along with some eeks and eews!

1. Mummy Quesadillas

Start your week out celebrating Halloween with these fun Mummy Quesadillas!  

  • Let the kids help with cutting 4 tortillas into long strips. Scissors work great for this task.
  • Layer four whole tortillas with shredded cheese, cooked ground beef, pepperoni, and more cheese.
  • Top with the cut pieces to resemble a mummy.
  • Add sliced black olives for the eyes.
  • Microwave each tortilla for 1-2 minutes or until warmed through and melty.  Enjoy!

2. Halloween Chocolate Bark

3. Spooky Pasta

4. Pumpkin & Ghost Cookies

5. Candy Corn Recipe

6. Bloody Eyeball Cookies on a Stick

7. Googly-Eyed Green Monster Cookies

8. Jack-O-Lantern and Mummy Quesadillas

9. Craft a Snack: Cookie Dough Graveyard

10. Baked Ghosts

11. Spider Eggs

12. Snake and Finger Bread Sticks

13. Spider Sandwich


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