Halloween Tips for Ottawa Families

Don’t let COVID-19 haunt your home this Halloween

By Christa Poirier RN, OPH Public Health Nurse October 22, 2020


This Halloween, it is not recommended to go door to door trick-or-treating.  Though this may seem frustrating, and like one more fun thing you have to sacrifice, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – unless you want it to be of course! Remember, children are resilient. When you are asked if Halloween is cancelled, how about saying "no matter what happens this Halloween, we will have fun, costumes, candy and make sure everyone in our community stays safe!" If anything, it will be us, the adults, that are the saddest with no trick-or-treating photos to share on social media, no time to chat in person with neighbours, and that looming feeling of letting our children down.  

Being positive about the situation and looking to other activities will be key to an amazing Halloween! Check out some suggestions on how to be “HalloWise” this year to stay healthy and keep our community healthy too!

H:   Haunt your mind by sharing scary stories with friends on Facetime or Zoom. 

A:  Adapt your celebration by having a Halloween themed scavenger hunt on your property. If your family is small and you are feeling alone, invite that chosen social support person to come over and join in the outdoor fun! 

L:  Limit your in-person celebrations to the family that resides in your home. 

L:  Launch a virtual competition with your neighbours for the best outdoor Halloween decorations.   Post the winner on your neighbourhood social media account.

O:  Organize a virtual costume party with your friends and family.   

W:  Watch scary or fun movies with the family – you can even do a virtual watch party with other families and friends! 

I:   Inspire your costume around a mask… how can you create the most thematic 2020 costume? 

S:  Show kindness by sharing photos or connecting virtually, instead of hugs with your loved ones who are more at risk (such as grandparents). 

E:  Eat a fun and spooky meal you’ve made with the help of your little ghosts and goblins. 

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