Big News! Can't Believe This is Happening

November 5, 2020

I'm writing an article I never thought I would write but being this is 2020, I guess we've all come to expect the unexpected.

It's been a strange year full of bumps and unexpected surprises. Things we never thought we would do or try, we have done. Who would have thought mask-wearing would become required, or wiping down groceries would continue, or attending Zoom events would be the new normal?

The pandemic is about to bring another change to our family. It's one I've resisted for years, but the kids and the pandemic have worn me down.

This weekend, we are getting a dog.

Let me be clear - I didn't want a dog. I'm allergic to dogs. I think dogs are a lot of work. But, I've been overruled. After seven (eight) months of being home and limited to what they can do, where they can go and who they can see, my kids need a companion and the argument  for not getting a dog suddenly seemed one I was having trouble battling.

We have been working on this for a while. Over the summer we tried to adopt a dog through a rescue but that fell through. We found a breeder and put our name in for a puppy. Yes, a puppy. No, not an older, trained dog, a puppy. An eight week old, needs to be trained, energetic puppy.

The kids are thrilled. My husband is excited. I see this as a lot of work but everyone tells me I'm about to fall in love so I'm cautiously optimistic. The kids have also said I won't have to do a thing, but somehow I don't believe them

We've met with a trainer who will be giving us tips and tricks and we are going to share them with you. Pandemic puppies are a thing now (so I hear), and this will keep the kids busy and engaged over the long winter to come. We're excited to work with Carol the Dog Trainer, as she helps us and our pup get trained. She's given us great advice to get our house ready, help us wean out "gear" we really need, and prepared us for the first few days and what to expect.

Stay tuned as we begin a new journey with a new "baby" in the house.

Wish me luck and send me any tips or suggestions. Next week we'll introduce you to our new addition.

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Here we go...