We Love These Virtual STEM experiences with Scientists in School!

December 10, 2020

Has your child ever come home raving about the hands-on science investigations they did at school, or the rock star scientist who inspired them to dream big? Chances are, they became a scientist with Scientists in School!  

Since 1989, over 10 million kids in Canada have experienced Scientists in School’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workshops in classroom and community settings. In a typical Scientists in School workshop, a visiting scientist leads students through a series of hands-on science investigations. Due to COVID-19, the charity is now offering their engaging STEM workshops virtually to parents, educators and community groups through their new 4-week Virtual STEM Club, birthday parties, holiday parties, classroom workshops, and more. 

Every child receives their own Mini Science Kit (provided in advance) filled with hands-on investigative materials they get to keep. Just like in an in-person Scientists in School workshop, a scientist leads kids through fun and relevant investigations that build critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills – virtually! 

Scientists in School’s 4-Week Virtual STEM Clubs offer:

  • A hands-on, highly investigative weekly experience from your home
  • Individually packaged materials sent to your home
  • Dynamic presenters who are scientists, engineers, and technologists who will keep your young scientist actively engaged

Winter 2021 Topics:

Candy Chemistry
Have “skittles” of fun exploring solubility, buoyancy, reactivity and investigating the odds of finding your favourite colour!

Sticky Science
Feeling glue? Get sticky with it! Make and test your own glue, create sticky art and silly putty.

Mix It Up
Become a kitchen chemist and discover the wonderful world of food science. Dinner time just got a lot more fun!

Up and Down, All Around
Do you like to move it, move it? Explore the magic of movement by creating a balancing bird and discovering Newton’s Laws!

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