Ottawa Library Gives Kids a Winter Wonderland on YouTube

December 10, 2020

Winter is here! 

Ottawa Public Library children’s programmers and librarians are thinking about the young customers they have missed seeing in recent months. As a year-end present as 2020 meets its end, several inspired and inspiring OPL branch employees have put together a stack of videos full of their handpicked favourites: songs, books, nursery rhymes and fun arts and crafts activities to brighten the holiday season for Ottawans aged 2 to 7. Winter Words at Play is available on OPL’s YouTube channel from December 8 to 31, 2020, and some videos will stay on YouTube for the entire winter, so kids and their families can discover engaging things to read and do throughout the holidays. 

 Parents, check out the OPL’s YouTube channel so your kids can: 

 ·       Listen to a story: Listen to magical wintertime stories and “Draw and Tells” that bring a story to life through wonderful art! 

·       Learn a new nursery rhyme: Winter nursery rhymes are the best! You can sing them around the fire, wrapped up in a comfy quilt or tucked between friends and family. This year, learn some new ones to teach to your kids or grandkids! 

·       Sing as a family: Fill the winter evenings with music! These song collections have been handpicked by OPL staff to warm hearts and set everyone smiling, around the dinner table or snug in a cozy living room.  

But that’s not all! OPL staff have also picked out a collection of winter books that are full of feeling, full of fun, and ready for kids to borrow for the holiday season.  

 It may be an unusual holiday season, but boredom is not invited to the party! Now is the time to immerse yourself in a winter wonderland and revel in all the joy and peace it can bring. For more info about our video series, go to 

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