A Holiday Note from the Publisher

December 24, 2020

We made it! We're almost at the end of 2020, a year we can all agree has been (to quote the Queen) an  "annus horriblus". Only a few more days and we'll be on to a bright shiny new year!

The holidays are rough this year, no doubt. We all have to make sacrifices, like staying home, avoiding annual family gatherings and being with loved ones. We MUST do this to keep everyone safe. It sucks, it's hard and it will be sad, but it's to keep everyone well, so that makes it important to do.

As I'm writing this, the latest lockdown is set to happen, closing down shops, museums, and ski hills, the final punch of 2020. Businesses have been so hard hit this year, but we can help. Why not #shoplocal online on Boxing Day? Order a meal from a local restaurant and give yourself the night off from the kitchen. These little things will make a difference.

We've loaded up our event calendar with several online activities that include how tos, crafts and activities to keep the kids entertained (and educated). We had listed several outdoor and drive thru events that look like they will be cancelled. If you've purchased tickets, check the refund policy and call before you go anywhere as most activities have been cancelled.

A vaccine looms on the horizon, and with it the hope of ending the COVID-19 craziness. There is still so much that is uncertain.

In the meantime, Christmas is almost here! Enjoy, celebrate, rejoice and be happy with your loved ones close by. We should all be Zoom, FaceTime or What'sApp experts so pour yourself a festive cup and chat with loved ones who are apart from us this year.

On a personal note thanks for reading and supporting Macaroni Kid this year. We had to pivot, (like everyone else) and come up with creative solutions this year. We hope we made a small difference in making your lives easier and your family time more fun.

We're taking a break over the holidays, but we will be back in 2021, ready to go.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year.

See you in January!