Stuck at Home? Try these Fun STEM experiments!

Scientists in the School

January 21, 2021

Looking for fun, easy and safe educational activities to do with your children or students? Scientists in School, a leading science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education charity, offers 4-week STEM Clubs, a variety of resources, and different virtual experiences that can be done remotely.

At-home science experiments

Check out these free STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educational resources on Scientists in School’s website to help extend STEM discovery at home. These are some of our favourites:

Simple Snow and Ice Science

Observe what happens when you fill a jar with ice cubes and another with snow! Make predictions: which will melt fastest? Which jar will have a greater volume of water when the snow/ice has melted?

Disappearing Candy Canes

Do you have extra candy canes lying around? Use them for this fun experiment which explores factors affecting solubility.

Time to Feed the Birds

Food can sometimes be in short supply for our feathered friends in the wintertime. Try this fun and simple activity where kids get to make a bird feeder. 

Paper Plate Coasters

Build your own roller coaster using paper plates! Explore gravity, forces, momentum and the engineering process.

Marshmallow Launcher

Create your own marshmallow launcher and let the open-ended exploration begin!

Join the Virtual STEM Club

Sign up for our Virtual STEM Club! Kids and parents are raving about Scientists in School’s 4-week virtual STEM Club, a hands-on, highly investigative experience from your home. In this weekly adventure, kids explore physics, chemistry, forensic and kitchen science through inquiry while developing critical thinking. Dynamic presenters who are scientists, engineers and technologists lead the STEM Club workshops live. Participants receive Mini Science Bags filled with fun investigative materials ahead of time.

NEW: Virtual March Break STEM Club (March 15-19) 

Hands-on STEM learning to support continued science exploration over the March Break! Join virtually at 10 a.m. daily for an hour of hands-on experiments led by an expert presenter. A special guest will have participants discovering "HOO is in the Owl Pellet." Register today before spots fill up!

STEM lesson planning support

Calling all educators! Are you lesson planning for 2021? Your class can participate in a virtual Scientists in School workshop from home or your classroom. In these curriculum-aligned workshops, students become scientists, engineers and biologists in fun and relevant investigations that build critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Visit Scientists in School’s website to view topics and booking information. 

Want more at-home STEM fun?

Party like a scientist! Visit Scientists in School’s website to learn more about how you can celebrate your child’s birthday in style or say “I love you” with a virtual Valentine’s STEM party. 

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