How Your Kids Can Host a Virtual Art Show For Family

Have your kids produced a lot of art since the pandemic started? Here's how to showcase it

By Rachael Weiss February 25, 2021

If you're like me, your kids' art has been piling up since the pandemic started. Paintings, Crayon drawings, up-cycled crafts, and LEGO builds ... just to start.

So what do you do with all of this artwork your precious kids have spent hours creating since the pandemic started? Do you box it up? Do you dare — gasp! — to toss it?


We found ourselves in the predicament of having artwork taped to seemingly every available wall and surface in our house recently. 

Then it dawned on us: Let's have an art show! Certainly the grandparents and extended family would ooh and aah over their art.

So we set up a time on Zoom for our family's Pandemic Art Show. Then the kids got busy naming their artwork and hanging it for the family to purchase.

Purchase, you ask? 

Yep! Why not give the kids a chance to make a few bucks off their hard work?

When the time came for our Zoom call, my oldest introduced the show, told the family what they'd be seeing, and asked them to please silence their phones.

This was great practice for him to work on his public speaking with a friendly audience, and both of our kids were so proud to present their art! 

It turned out our Pandemic Art Show was a great way to stay connected with family and give them a chance to talk with our kids. Plus, they even "sold" a few pieces -- which means more room on my walls for their next creations. 

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