COVID Vaccine and your Family - What You Need to Know

By Christa Poirier, RN, Public Health Nurse with Ottawa Public Health March 11, 2021

It has been a very long year since COVID-19 has made its way to Ottawa.Since then we have learned a lot about ourselves, our loved ones and this virus.

We know that physical distancing of 2 metres or six feet is best for convos outside of your household.  We know that wearing a mask will help to stop transmission of the virus when you are out and about.  We know that handwashing and not touching your face will help too (as will it help in not catching so many more illnesses)!

Now we are in the process of distributing a few different vaccines for COVID-19 that have been approved by Health Canada.Vaccination is an important part of this fight against such a destructive virus.  But where does your family stand in the priority or can you even get the vaccine?

The four vaccines approved for use in Canada are currently for those aged 16 years and over. So, parents like us, will be part of general population (Phase 3) rollout. What does this mean for our kids? While clinical studies are being done on the younger population, we must continue doing what we know works until we reach herd immunity and beyond. Herd immunity is when enough people have protection that makes it unlikely a virus or bacteria can spread and cause disease.

The measures put in place will also protect those that cannot receive the vaccine or cannot create good immunity to it.  Because there is no vaccine that is 100% effective, these behaviours protect us all.

You can find more information on the four COVID-19 vaccines that are approved now, how the province is rolling out the administration of the vaccine, which phase of roll-out you presently fall under, and so much more! Just follow this link to the Ottawa Public Health web site: 

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