Let your creativity shine! - April Break programs for Teens at OPL

April 15, 2021

Let yourself unwind from schoolwork and join in on the programs on offer from Ottawa Public Library as part of the April Break series specifically for teens ages 13 to18. Running this week, there’s fantastic programs every day that will allow your creativity to shine: 

  • Songwriting Basics: How to Write a Song - This workshop will introduce you to some basic songwriting techniques to help you write a single song, no matter what the genre, with the use of only three chords! Simple lyric and chord composition techniques plus some handy tips on how to work through the process like a pro will get you started on your own songwriting style. All you need is a guitar or ukulele to join in. 
  • Poetry Workshop: Dive into crafting authentic personal stories through poetry based on life experiences and interpreting the world around us. A poet's greatest gift is the ability to describe the patterns of everyday life with words through the lens of their own understanding. This workshop will help develop a poet's confidence in not only crafting their stories but with sharing their poetry with personal power. This workshop is for poets with any level of experience, whether you are a poet in hiding or a performing poet.  
  • Cosplay Makeup 101If you are a novice with makeup, this is the program for you! We’ll go over foundation, basic eye makeup, and key products like primer, setting spray, and colour correctors. After this program, you’ll be able to do flattering everyday makeup and simple cosplay looks. This is best for a cosplay look where you want to look like the best version of yourself. All genders are welcome! 
  • Sketching for Self-Care: Doodling and the Superpowers of your Brain! Hey guess what?! Our brains are AMAZING and full of secret superpowers. Doodling is one of the best ways to explore the secret side of your brain. You will learn simple drawing exercises to help get your brain to relax, focus, unwind. We'll play with cartooning and comic-making to help us come up with all KINDS of crazy new ideas. 

Registration is open space is limited to ensure participants have lots of opportunity to interact with the presenters. For more information about these programs, please visit