What You Need to Know about City Parks and COVID Rules

By City of Ottawa April 29, 2021

Which park amenities are closed?

For compliance with the enhanced restrictions under the extended Province’s Stay-at-Home Order, the City of Ottawa has closed some of its recreation amenities and has issued an Order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to require wearing masks at or within five metres of playground equipment.

Park Ambassadors are Back!
The City of Ottawa’s Park Ambassador Program is now back to give helpful guidance for your child’s play on the slides, swings and play structures.
Park Ambassadors are not enforcement officers and they do not hand out tickets. They are live, on-the-spot resources who offer valuable information, answers to your questions and help explain any confusion you might have about what’s permitted and what’s closed in our City parks.
The Park Ambassadors will walk in pairs around the park area in either their green shirts or red jackets that identify them as City of Ottawa staff. So, if you’re still uncertain at the park, be sure to ask your question to one of our Park Ambassadors.
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