Viva Suzuki: Ottawa Kids Celebrate a Year of Togetherness Apart

May 6, 2021

The National Capital Suzuki School of Music (SuzukiMusic Ottawa) is celebrating a year of learning music online: together but apart.Come join SuzukiMusic online at 11 am on May 22nd for the YouTube Premiere of Virtual Viva Suzuki 2.0.This concert is a celebration of how music can bring us all together during challenging times.  Follow SuzukiMusic on Facebook and add yourself to their Virtual Viva Facebook event to get info and the link to the concert.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is currently open, even for brand new students!  New students joined SuzukiMusic last year and have had a rewarding year of learning in a fully online environment.  Please contact if you would like to arrange a trial lesson or inquire about the program.  SuzukiMusic is looking forward to getting back to in-person classes and events as soon as deemed safe by Ottawa Public Health.

Music lessons can be a very rewarding part of childhood.  SuzukiMusic Ottawa has been providing high quality music education for kids aged three to eighteen in the National Capital Region since 1987.  With its strong community grounded in the fundamentals of the Suzuki method, SuzukiMusic has continued to successfully deliver its program through the COVID-19 pandemic.

SuzukiMusic Ottawa serves families in the Greater Ottawa area with programs in violin, viola, cello, guitar, and flute.  With well trained teachers throughout the area, the program typically consists of weekly private lessons, 15 group lessons, and regular community, outreach, and performance events.  The program is structured around the concept of immersion, where kids become part of the school musical community and learn from a variety of experiences, teachers, and their peers. Preschoolers and their parents can sign up for the Headstart Music and Movement classes where basic musical concepts are introduced In a playful manner and children can see each instrument taught at the school in person. Children often begin music lessons around the ages of 4-6, with short weekly lessons and group classes based on games and building basic skills through play. Children are met where they are at, and encouraged to appreciate and enjoy music. Even the youngest and newest students take part in group performance events, contributing in ways that are appropriate for their level. Using this approach, young children can often be ready for playing in small Orchestra settings, sometimes by the age of 7, where they learn playing in parts and reading music. Group collaboration then grows with the students, where senior students have opportunities to play more challenging repertoire together, participate in specialized workshops, and mentor younger students.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for all organizations that rely on in-person activities, however many communities have found ways to use online platforms and SuzukiMusic is no exception. In fact, the ideals of the Suzuki method, including the love of music and the focus on nurturing beautiful qualities in children, have turned out to be specific strengths of the community during the pivot to online. By leveraging the inherent strengths of the Suzuki method and the SuzukiMusic Ottawa family in an online environment, group classes and events continue, and children are able to continue their growth in music, all while maintaining a sense of community.

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