New Incredible Workshops for Students at the Museum of Nature

In-Person Workshops are Back and Virtual Workshops Continue

By Deanna Bertrend, Ottawa Macaroni Kid Publisher January 5, 2023

There are many teachers with the Macaroni Kid Ottawa parent community and if you're not a teacher, please share this information with your child's teacher for them to get to experience! 

Great news for students and educators: In-person workshops are back at the museum, and the virtual program continues! One of the perks is you get TWO FREE PASSES to come and help prepare for your group's visit to the museum. These are passes for general admission to our permanent galleries. 

The following school workshops are happening at the Museum of Nature. 

*NEW* Mineral Lab Discovery

50 minute interactive presentation for Grade 4 Ontario - Elementary Cycle 2 Quebec.

In this fun and popular workshop, students test, observe, describe and sort dozens of real rocks and minerals. 

Explain the difference between rocks and minerals.  

Identify igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks by their characteristics.  

Follow a dichotomous key and use tools to reveal mineral properties. 

Learn how rocks and minerals are useful, fascinating and beautiful!

A staff member holds a quartz geode with an amethyst geode beside on the desk.

Discovery Tank Experience

50-minute interactive presentation for Grades K-12. Go behind the scenes and discover live tide-pool creatures, including anemones, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and more.

Arctic Habitats

50-minute workshop for Grade 4 Ontario / Elementary Cycle 2 Quebec.

Learn about life in the Arctic in a special visit to the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery. Discover amazing adaptations of animals and plants. Handle museum specimens.

A museum educator and a student in front of a photo of a polar bear (Ursus maritimus).

Virtual Workshops

Bring the Museum into your classroom with one of our virtual workshops.

Discover amazing rocks and minerals, or take a virtual coastal adventure to a Pacific tide pool. Learn more


Mineral Toolkit

Did you know the museum has a rentable edukit on minerals? 

Explore the relevance of minerals in our daily lives. How do we start with rocks and end up with smartphones? Learn more


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