Ottawa Children's Festival: May 10-14

May 3, 2024

About the Ottawa Children's Festival

Since 1985, the Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse (OCF) has hosted an annual celebration of the best in live performing arts for children. Creating programs for children, the Festival focuses on enriching school curriculum and promoting the arts as an integral part of children’s education; strives to present work that excites and challenges audiences of all ages; and prides itself on developing and producing award winning programming that comes from across Canada and around the world. Schools, community groups, caregivers and families of children of all ages are the target audience of the Festival.

For over three decades, OCF has presented a multi-day extravaganza of the finest quality theatre, dance and music for young audiences. The abundance of award-winning artists from around the globe has made wide-eyed children out of all of us.

As one of the only festivals of its kind in Ontario to offer international, live performing arts for families and young people, we know our presence in the community is valued by all – audiences, local business and media, government funders, community partners and corporate supporters.

Aside from presenting world class performance art, the Festival prides itself on offering a variety of educational workshops and activities.

OCF 2024

The Ottawa Children's Festival is happening from May 10-14, 2024. There is an incredible line up of shows:

Arena Theatre Company, Australia
Ages 8+ | English | 70 min

Juniper is constantly compared to a robot, but after encountering one on her doorstep, she begins the adventure of a lifetime. Bullies are no match for our young heroine, as she believes in herself and her passion for robots more than anything in this upbeat musical comedy.

Teatro Gioco Vita, Italy
Ages 4+ | English/French | 50 min

Proof that opposites really do attract, Sonia and Alfred tell a heartwarming story of friendship. A New York City native and a midwestern belle cross paths. One is on a mission for a new and exciting life, and the other is perfectly and persistently content on his own.

Les Vélocimanes Associés, Belgium

Ages 8+ | non-verbal | 55 min

The most nonsensical game show you will encounter! With the help of a silver mop bucket, the blinded performers move through terribly unexpected challenges.

Panta Rei Danseteater, Norway
Ages 10+ | English | 55 min

Make Me Dance is a choreographed concert. Through movement, sound and text, three dancers and one musician look at why they became professional artists.

“The Egg”, Theatre Royal Bath
, England
Ages 6+ | English | 45 min

I Wish I Was a Mountain takes the audience through the lively town of Faldum, celebrating its infamous annual fair. A strange traveller promises to grant the wish of any villager who pleases. Would you wish for a cat? For a house? Anything you can dream of.

Presentation House Theatre, Canada
Ages 3+ | English | 70 min

Eva and her grandfather share a unique connection; “while one learns, the other forgets”. Both have their minds fixed on the present, with no need for the unknown future, and the distant past. A beautiful story about intergenerational love, the phases of life and most importantly laughter.