Happy Halloween from Macaroni Kid

By Sara-Lynne Levine October 29, 2020

It's time to once again "re-imagine the holiday". We're getting good at it. 

So far St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving have all needed to be tweaked for COVID. Now it's time to re-think Halloween.

Ottawa Public Health has advised against going trick or treating this year. So, that means, pivoting to something new and different. (Does anyone else think of Ross from Friends yelling "pivot, pivot" every time you hear that word?)

There are many easy and fun ways you can celebrate at home. The kids will pick up on your vibe so be upbeat and enjoy some (more) family time.

  • Hide candy around the house (think Easter egg hunt), just remember where you hid what, to avoid any surprises later on.
  • Watch a spooky or funny movie. We've got lots of ideas for movies to choose from.
  • Make some yummy treats with a Halloween theme.
  • Dress up at home and have a Halloween dance party.
  • Boo your neighbours and friends with Boo baskets.
  • Have a family pumpkin carving contest.

Enjoy, have fun and be safe!

Happy Halloween